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Game Gear CleanJuice (USB-C Power Regulator and rechargeable battery pack)


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CleanJuice for the Game Gear 

No soldering required!

Upgrade your Game Gear from AA batteries to a drop-in USB C dual Li-Po rechargeable battery pack.

Adds 22.2 watt hours of power giving you over 13 hours of game time!

This allows your Game Gear to be played from the dual batteries or USB-C power.

The board is plug and play. When your batteries start to run low you can plug in your USB-C lead and continue playing without interrupting game play.

Remove the old power board and insert the new CleanJuice power board.
Insert both batteries into the AA battery compartments and feed the wires through and connect them in any order to the CleanJuice board (only fits in one way so don't worry).
If your shell is a RetroSix ABS shell, no need to do anything. If it's regular shell, trim the battery compartment as needed to fit the batteries.
Put the battery covers on the console, and you are ready to go.

Give the CleanJuice a full charge and enjoy well over 13 hours of gaming even with a fully CleanScreen + CleanAmp modded console!

What is included;

  • 1 x Clean Juice board
  • 2 x Li-Po batteries with connectors and wires attached


  1. Switch between battery power and USB-C power without turning the console off.
  2. The flashing low power LED will not flash when the USB-C lead is inserted.
  3. It can be used with generic phone chargers
  4. USB-C charge lead not included