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Which Game Boy Color screen from Funny Playing is the best?

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Lets run through the different Funny Playing screens available. (Correct as at April 2022)

What are the differences between the current FunnyPlaying Game Boy Color displays?

The Game Boy Color is a handheld game console that was released in 1998 by Nintendo and was the successor to the original Game Boy and Game Boy Pocket.
In today's world there are many modifications that can be done to the Game Boy Color. The most popular being the IPS screen display replacement, as the original colour screen did not have any form of back or front lighting.
FunnyPlaying has lead the way with Game Boy IPS screen mods and there are currently 3 different displays available that can be fitted to a Game Boy Color motherboard to bring the retro tech into modern times. The first is the backlit IPS screen, which is the same size as the original Game Boy Color display. The second is the V1 Q5 display, which is 25% larger than the original. The third is the V2 Q5 display which has a glass laminated lens attached directly to the IPS panel and allows for superior display quality over the V1 and a dust free installation.

Original Size IPS Backlit Display

Game Boy Color Screen IPS Backlight
This IPS screen features improved brightness with being backlit, along with enhanced colour and clarity. The screen size is the same as the original and install is quick and easy; no soldering is required. A small shell modification is required to allow the IPS screen to fit into an original or aftermarket shell. The original plastic lens can be used as the viewing window is the same size.

Retro Pixel Q5 IPS Display V1

Retro Pixel V1 Game boy Color Screen
The screen display area is 25% larger than the original display and includes 5 awesome built-in retro display effects allowing you total control over the pixels shown during gameplay. (default / none, vertical scanlines (standard, dark, or thick), and retro pixel grid)
This V1 ribbon bypasses the inefficient power management of the motherboard and has its own built in to the ribbon.
To install this kit there is basic soldering of 6 points required. The larger screen also requires a different shell or a time consuming trim of your own shell. We highly recommend the RetroSix Q5 shells which are moulded for easy installation of the bigger screen. 
The start and select buttons control the brightness and retro pixel modes.
Start and touch = increase brightness
Select and touch = decrease brightness
Start and select together = change the retro pixel display

Retro Pixel Q5 Laminated Display V2

Game boy Color Laminated Q5 IPS screen
This is version 2 of FunnyPlaying's RetroPixel IPS. With all the features you love from version 1, including the larger viewing area, along with a number of additions; most notably a tempered glass screen lens that comes laminated to the LCD, an illuminated "Game Boy Color" logo with a variety of colours and touch controls to allow the movement of the image within the screen.
The functionality of the LCD is as follows:
  • A short tap of the touch sensor will cycle through brightness levels
  • A long hold of the touch sensor will cycle through retro pixel effects
  • A long hold of start + select will enter function mode; holding start + select again will exit function mode
  • While in function mode:
    • Tapping the touch sensor will "select" different words in the GBC logo
    • With "game" selected, start and select will move the display up and down
    • With "boy" selected, start and select will move the display left and right
    • With "color" selected, start and select will cycle through color options for the GBC logo
These displays are only recommended to be installed in the FunnyPlaying Laminated GameBoy Color shells. This is because the shell is pre-moulded to drop in the laminated display for a simple install.

Which FunnyPlaying Game Boy Color screen is best? 

Without a doubt, when viewing side by side, the Laminated V2 has the best clarity, features and colour tone. The experience of playing a GBC game on this screen is out of this world when compared to the original. This is because the laminated lens is attached to the screen leaving no room for dust or other particles. It also makes the image crisper.
Combining this screen with the Funny Playing GBC laminated shell, FunnyPlaying GBC buttons, a RetroSix CleanPower regulator and a RetroSix CleanJuice Air (Some shell trimming required) you undoubtedly have one amazing handheld.  
Do you agree? What do you think of the displays?
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