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Description: Easy to install
Great display!!!

I wasn't prepared for just how good this display looks. Photos don't do it justice. The display was easy to install and came with everything required to drop it straight in.

Excellent laminated screen. On screen display menu via touch or oem brightness button is super nice

Shell is very high quality and has a nice glossy finish. Have purchased multiple FP shells from Retro gaming now

GBA SP Buttons

OEM feel, great finish

GBA SP Rubbers

Great Quality, Super Fast Shipping

Perfect for opening my gameboy sp to mod

Amazing replacement screen, its nice since I broke the ribbon cable on my original screen falling down the stairs

Description: Works as intended, Easy to install
Other: What's the purpose of the copper square? Is it really supposed to go on top of the battery charge instructions?
Ideal for the NEW IPS kit and shell

If you buy the GBA Laminated 3 inch IPS screen kit with the laminated-IPS-ready GBA shell, then this USB battery should definitely be on your shopping list. I assembled the 'NEW' Funnyplaying GBA screen kit and proceeded to use IKEA rechargeable AAs as before, but noticed that the battery warning light would come on almost straight away, especially with screen on bright. Perhaps the low-voltage threshold is reached quicker with the laminated mod. The USB battery seems to have solved this. Oh, and it fits like a glove in the IPS-ready shell. No cutting or trimming required.
For comparison, I have another GBA with an earlier non-laminated IPS screen running the IKEA rechargeables which doesn't suffer the same low voltage issue, and lasts for ages on the AAs.
Get a clear or frosted battery cover so you can see the charge status lights without taking off the battery cover. The PCB looks great - put it on show!
I'm not sure why the heatsink must be applied over the battery charge lights guide on the PCB. Was it an afterthought?

Description: Value for money, Works as intended, Easy to install
So cool!

This kit was easy to install.
Super crisp screen and easy to adjust the settings.

Firmware was easy to upgrade, there is firmware to replace the boot logo.

Tested and installed.

Very happy with product

Description: Value for money
GBA SP Replacement Battery

Great battery, replaced a dead one, quick shipping

Description: Value for money, Works as intended

If you're handy with a soldering iron and have flux and wick handy, this mod is a great modernisation to the GBASP

Description: Too expensive, Works as intended, Easy to install, Could be better
Product Ideas: None. This is prolly the best one I can find yet
Improvements: Pricing
A bit too narrow

Pretty pricey for what it is including shipping. Fits GBA perfectly, however does not fit if put wired headphones inside the side mesh. Recommend for Aus buyers. Even though Temu or Ebay costs like 5$ but the shipping took forever

GBA Clear Speaker
Clint Gandy
Description: Value for money, Works as intended
Speaker Review

It was a quality product and was well worth it compared to the existing speaker, but also not for novice solderers

Description: Works as intended
Just what I needed

Arrived promptly and helped me get in to the majority of my retro consoles.

Description: Value for money, Works as intended, Easy to install

Great replacement for swollen and failed original battery in my GBA SP. Installed in a reshelled unit (eXtremerate) and had no issues with fitment.

Description: Value for money, Works as intended

Does exactly what it needs to do, nothing more, nothing less. Bought it solely for the 'gamebit' head to open up GB carts. Can't go wrong at the price point, and the bits are compatible with your other driver sets.

Screen itself is great but I bought the compatible case, and the mounting bracket was the incorrect size. So the mod took longer than it should have. and ended up not using the mounting bracket.

Description: Value for money, Works as intended, Easy to install
Improvements: It would be nice if the GB and GBC games had a widescreen option.
Amazing Technology

I can play all my favorite GBA games on one single cartridge!

Arrived quickly and a great product

I accidentally ordered this when I didn't need it lol. However item is as described. Keep in mind if you are ordering an IPS display you do not need this as it already comes with the exact same glass lens.