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GBA SP USB-C Charge Port Mod

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GBA SP USB Type C & Audio Out Charge Port Mod With Matching Cover - FunnyPlaying


  • Buy the USB-C cover on its own 
  • Buy both items together

Turn your existing old, worn port on your GBASP into a USB-C charge port with the option for audio out.

Simply de-solder the old power port from the Gameboy Advance SP motherboard and replace it by soldering in this new USBC port. The board is extra thick to perfectly centre the charge port in the middle of the existing hole.

The port comes with an injection moulded cover to match the FunnyPlaying GBASP shell.

These boards will support USB-A to USB-C charge leads.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Description: Value for money, Works as intended

If you're handy with a soldering iron and have flux and wick handy, this mod is a great modernisation to the GBASP

Nick K
Description: Value for money, Works as intended, Easy to install
It's really good!

Got mine, installed it after some messing around and it's great.

So much easier to charge my GBASP now and I've found my battery is lasting longer than ever.

The 3d printed spacer makes it look nice and clean.

Highly recommended if you think you have the soldering skills.

Description: Value for money, Works as intended
Improvements: A clear image highlighting the required solder joints. Also a choice of the 3d printed spacer would be good.
Works great

Fantastic if you're already looking to fix a semi working charge port.