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10 Piece Screwdriver and Spludger Set

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Screwdriver set for Nintendo Consoles.

Included in the set is;

  • 3.8mm security screwdriver bit (Opens cartridges for NES, SNES, N64, Game Boy Original DMG, Game Boy Color, Virtual Boy and SEGA Game Gear).
  • 4.5mm security screwdriver bit (SEGA Genesis cartridges, SEGA MS cartridges, SEGA 32x cartridge, SNES console, N64 console, GameCube console, Virtual Boy console, Game Gear console)
  • Torx8/Torx6 (Xbox 360, Xbox 360 controller, Xbox one controller, PS3 and more)
  • 2.0mm Tri-wing screwdriver (Switch, Wii, DS, DSL, GBA, GBASP, GBC, DMG)
  • Interchangable Screwdriver Handle
  • Phillips screwdriver head (PH00)
  • Spludger opening tool
  • Triangle opening tool