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GBA SP Replacement Battery (900mAh)


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GBA SP replacement battery pack (900mAh)

UK designed battery by RetroSix. These are not your typical Chinese battery.

Replace the battery in your SP to get longer playing time.

These batteries deliver 900 mAh which allows for around 10 hours of game play. 

Easy to install - simply remove the battery cover and old battery and replace with this one. NOTE - These batteries are a snug fit. They require some pressure to install. Once installed then the removal requires a spludger or similar to remove. The snug fit does not effect performance.

What is included;

  • 1 x brand new GBA SP battery - 900 mAh


1. With 2 snips of the plastic nibs these batteries will fit an original Nintendo DS.

2. A small philips screwdriver set is required to open the battery cover. Our recommended set the 10 piece screwdriver set.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Koster Sarakinis
Damaged concole

This product was too large for the nintendo gba SP compartment. It has cracked my console.

mark K.
GBA SP Replacement Battery (900mAh)


Fast delivery, good communication, fits and works perfect.

Glen P.
Tricky to install but works great

Bought it to replace by rapidly dying Nintendo original in my Gameboy Advanced SP. It was very tricky to install because of how tight of a fit it is and I had to carefully avoid bending the battery when installing it, but once it was it everything has worked great ever since. Well recommended.

Jason F.
Good replacement battery.

Got us out of a pickle with a swollen original battery. extended life aswell. Is tight though. (as explained in the add when purchased).

Bernie P.
Came in perfect condition and

Came in perfect condition and works great would buy again from this company.