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Game Boy Color Capacitor Set


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Set of 3 Panasonic Surface Mount Electrolytic Capacitors - GBC upgrade for the original capacitors.

High quality SMD capacitor upgrade set for your Game Boy Color system.

Help fix issues with low audio, system noise, image issues, LCD screen issues and many other faults.

The power capacitor in this set has been upgraded from 100uf 6.3v to 680uf 6.3v to help get rid of system noise, which can be exacerbated by modern modifications such as IPS backlit screens, amplifiers and battery charging upgrades.

These S Series capacitors (originally used by Nintendo) have a 40°C to 80°C operating temp and lifetime rating of 1000 hours @ 85°C. This far exceeds the operating temperatures of the GBC.

All capacitors are Panasonic S series, surface mounted and are polarized (black side is negative)

What is included;

1 x 680uf 6.3v cap (replacement for 100uf 6.3v cap) Location C32

1 x 100uf 4v cap Location C38

1 x 22uf 16v cap Location C35



Not included:

A Triwing and Phillips screwdriver set to open up the console. 


- GBC motherboard

- Soldering iron and medium soldering knowledge/experience

- Good quality solder

- Flux


1. To install de-solder the old capacitors, bend the new capacitor legs into place, trim the legs and solder in the orientation shown in the image below.

Customer Reviews

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Emmanuel Ferrell
Description: Value for money, Works as intended
Great product

Best brand of capacitors

David Young
Description: Value for money, Works as intended, Easy to install
Game Boy Color Capacitor Set

Good to change out oem ones now the sound pumps.


Working well

Michael Blacker
Description: Value for money, Works as intended, Easy to install

Great product easy to install.