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FPGBC Kit - FPGA Powered DIY Game Boy Color system


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Want to build the ultimate GBC? 

Don't want to solder?

Cant find a donor console?

The FPGA based GBC from FunnyPlaying is just the thing for you. Very quick and easy build, with many video guides on YouTube.


  • Emulating original hardware using FPGA (Like Analog Pocket), not emulating software.
  • Supports original cartridges and some flash carts.
  • Features USB-C compatibility for easy firmware updates (See link below)
  • Upgraded speaker, much better sound.


  • 1 x FPGBC PCB
  • 1 x IPS screen Including adapter ribbon
  • 1 x 2w speaker
  • 1 x 1800mAH battery


The kit only supports the dedicated shell, or you can buy a Game Boy Color Q5 Laminated Shell and re-size the original power port at the bottom to fit a USB-C cable.


    Some flash carts do not always work, but firmware is being updated regularly.

  • Unable to use AA battery power supply, only the supplied battery.
  • Clock adjustment due to panel limitations Maximum 1.25 speed.

Installation note:

Don't touch the back of the panel against the pin of the card slot when testing.  

This will cause damage to the panel and motherboard.  

PCB must be hooked up to battery and screen to be tested before installing in shell, video evidence of this will be needed for any warranty claims.



Hardware version V1.1 Firmware updates and instructions:


Customer Reviews

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Spot Napier
Description: Value for money, Works as intended, Easy to install
So cool!

This kit was easy to install.
Super crisp screen and easy to adjust the settings.

Firmware was easy to upgrade, there is firmware to replace the boot logo.

Tested and installed.