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Ez Flash Junior


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 Ez Flash Jr Cart for GBC and DMG handhelds.

This GB & GBC EzFlash junior flash cart fully supports and instantly loads your files for all Gameboy and Gameboy Colour.

You can drag and drop your files directly to an SD card. (We recommend SanDisk, 16-32GB) There is no need for any file conversions.

The flash junior cart fully supports Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance/SP and Original Game Boy play.

A real time clock (RTC) is also featured to store the time during gameplay.

Basic setup video:



Things to note;

To backup your game saves, press the small internal button on the cartridge, located centrally just under the bulge at the top of the cart. Or alternatively, power cycling the Game Boy will bring up the same offer to backup your saves to the SD card. If you do not do this, your game save will not be up to date when you come back to the game.

This cart does not come with a SD card or any games.

The maximum recommended card size is 32GB. The maximum save file size is 1MB

Customer Reviews

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Nicholas Alembakis
Description: Works as intended, Easy to install

Gave away all my game boy games and had my old game boy lying around worthless. Put in all my roms into the flash cart and now can play everything I wanted to!

Dillon Croft
Description: Value for money, Works as intended, Easy to install
Exactly what I needed.

Needed the ability to test custom roms on a GBC. Works perfectly and easy to use.

Nicholas Glass
Description: Works as intended, Easy to install
EZ Flash

Delivered on-time and safe.

Dyllan Walker
Description: Value for money, Works as intended, Required instructions
Other: Thanks so much guys! Youll see me soon for the Omega!

Yeah I love it. Make sure when you format your SD to FAT32, that you set it's cluster size to 32kb or your games won't save! If you're formatting with a mac... Here's a link to a Reddit post that helped me do it through terminal!


Timothy Hatton
Description: Value for money, Works as intended, Easy to install
Product Ideas: Pre modded systems for both Gameboy & PSP, PSP replacement parts
Love it!

Retro Gaming Parts has made it easy to get the Ez Flash Junior Game Boy Color & Game Boy Flash Cart so I can protect my original gameboy cartridge