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GBA SP Protective Hard Case

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Protective Case for the Game Boy Advance SP

Robust thermo formed case to protect your GBA SP console for many years.

This EVA hard case is designed to be waterproof and shock proof - perfect for travel.

Inside is a handy mesh pouch to put games / accessories and leads in. 

Dual zip for ease of opening and closing.

Designed especially for the GBASP

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Trong Vinh Le
Description: Too expensive, Works as intended, Easy to install, Could be better
Product Ideas: None. This is prolly the best one I can find yet
Improvements: Pricing
A bit too narrow

Pretty pricey for what it is including shipping. Fits GBA perfectly, however does not fit if put wired headphones inside the side mesh. Recommend for Aus buyers. Even though Temu or Ebay costs like 5$ but the shipping took forever

Stefan Villani
Description: Could be better
Improvements: Make the case a little bigger so you can fit a little more games in
It's ok

The case struggles to close if you have more then like 2 games in it

Steve North
Description: Value for money, Works as intended
Great case!

I recently purchased a refurbished Gameboy Advance SP. None of them come with cases and I was worried I wouldn't be able to find one for my new GB, when I found this website and the GBSP case! It was a great price and does exactly what I expect from a new case, with a built-in small storage space for a charging cable and a game. Also the service and delivery speed was fantastic - thank you so much!