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GBA v2 Screen and Ribbon Kit - LG IPS

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Note; There is a worldwide shortage of this type of screen. We have a limited supply which may run out at any time. The alternative screen available is the GBA laminated which requires a laminated ready shell.

LG IPS screen and V2 ribbon for the GameBoy Advance (GBA)

No soldering required!

Perfect upgrade for your GBA! Install this sought after LG backlit IPS screen to enhance your enjoyment of the popular Nintendo handheld. See for yourself the enhanced brightness, colour and clarity.

The V2 ribbon removes the screen tearing from the V1 model.

To install this kit there is no soldering required. Screen is plug and play.

Drops into an IPS ready GBA shell here or a new style FunnyPlaying IPS ready shell here.

Compatible with both 32 pin and 40 pin GBA motherboards.

What is included;

  • 1 x LG IPS Screen
  • 1 x LCD Shorting sticker
  • 1 x ribbon cable (V2)
  • 1 x fixing pad
  • 3 x wires for brightness control (not needed for the screen to function)
  • 2 x spacers (for original or the Chinese aftermarket sells only)
  • 1 x shell sticker
  • 1 x foam pad

Whats not included;

  • 1 x IPS size glass lens. Pick your lens colour here.


1. 10 levels of brightness are available with the soldering of 3 wires. IPS screen will still function normally without these wires if you choose not to install them.

2. Shell modification is required if you do not use an IPS ready moulded shell. FunnyPlaying IPS ready here 

3. If the gasket included with the screen doesn't fit your chosen GBA shell and you would like to stick your screen down (personal preference) then check out Perth_Retro_Gaming ''How to'' GBA series on YouTube.

3. A bigger lens viewing hole than standard is required to accommodate the IPS panels larger screen size. The IPS ready shells have this included. An OEM shell will need trimming. A IPS sized glass lens will also be required.

4. Please test your screen kit for faults before installation, photo or video will be required for potential warranty claims. Any issues are to be reported before installing inside a shell or adhering to gasket. Once stuck down it will not remove without damaging the screen or the ribbon. 

5. It is advisable to wear a static bracelet before installing the screen to avoid any potential shorts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Lovely looking screen, a must have for your gba!

Jesse R.
Looks great!

Looks great!

Harry D.
Huge Difference!

No need to worry about not having enough light source to play your favourite games.

Campbell M.
Worked perfectly! Thanks!

Worked perfectly! Thanks!

Pauline D.
Perfect, thank you

Perfect, thank you