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Game Boy Advance SP Send In Service - Repair or Mod

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Send In Service for Game Boy Advance SP

Send in your Game Boy Advance SP from anywhere in the world to our Australia, UK or USA workshops for a repair, upgrade or mod.

The send in cost includes a full strip down, clean, test, fix, reflow solder, change fuses (if required), recap (if required) plus anything else required to get your console as good as new.

How to order

1. Add the SP send in service to your cart,

2. Add the parts for the modifications required, don't forget to include the applicable services for each part,

3. Place your order. We will send you an email to confirm your order and to send the correct send in address (depending upon your location). 

Once we have received your console, we will email to confirm we have it. We then repair and modify your console (including the parts purchased) within a week. Once it have been built and extensively tested we email you pictures to check you are happy with the build and send it back to you.

We have workshops in Australia, UK and California, USA that can receive send ins. We will send you the address once we have received your order.

If your console is broken, please include a brief description of the issue you are experiencing.

The upgrade options you can choose from are below. All parts for these mods are available by clicking the link.


IPS v2 screen

(Requires a solder service for 6 levels of brightness control)

Replacement battery

New Shell including standard buttons. (Requires a trim service to fit the IPS screen)

Keep Original Shell (Requires a trim service to fit the IPS screen)

Different color buttons


Speaker / Amp upgrade (Requires a solder service)

Dehum Dehiss (Requires a solder service)


Tactile 'Clicky' Triggers (Requires a solder service)

If you have any questions please send us a message. We are happy to help.