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FunnyPlaying GBA USB-C Battery mod with battery cover


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Drop in GBA battery mod! This USB-C rechargeable battery pack does not need soldering.

  • Upgrade your GBA easily to the Type-C rechargeable battery pack.
  • 14 hour standby with ITA kit 5-level brightness and original cartridge.
  • The battery pack supports charging and playing. Type-C to Type-C and Type-A to Type-C charging power supply is also supported.

This is the perfect solution for upgrading your Game Boy Advance alongside an IPS screen upgrade.

What is included;

  • 1x USB-C Module Board
  • 1x 1800mAH Battery
  • 1x Cooling Copper
  • 1x USB-C Battery Cover(Choice of colours to match laminated GBA shells)

Whats not included;


1. The board and battery is designed to fit perfectly into the IPS (V2 or V3) or Laminated GBA shells. If you have an original or old style non IPS shell then some shell trimming will be required.
If using the original shell, do not force the battery to fit in the Game Boy Advance battery compartment. Trim more plastic away from the shell until you guarantee a good fit.  Along with a small hole for the USB-C lead in the battery cover.

2. Risk of fire if you attempt to unsafely charge or use a battery that has been punctured/damaged. Never use a screwdriver or other metal tool to "lever" the battery in or out of the shell.

Customer Reviews

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Love the USB C charging, it's just a bit of a shame there's no little hole in the front of the battery cover to see the charge. Only way to see if it's charging and what the charge is at is if you remove the battery cover. Other than that it's fantastic and does its job

Description: Value for money, Works as intended, Easy to install
Game Changer

$65 as of my purchase is a very cheap price given how expensive battery packs are nowadays and is an easy recommendation by me. Easy installation and works great, I bought a GBA IPS screen kit and purple laminated shell as well and with everything connected I feel the battery lasted all day. also doesn't take long to fully charge back up so you'll be gaming more.

Installation is pretty straightforward but I reckon it needs a little installation note like.
1) remove left side battery prongs from GBA shell.
2) install battery into GBA.
3) connect battery to USB-C module board.
4) remove cooling copper tape from bottom and install on USB-C module board.
5) put on back cover.

Kevin Duong
Description: Value for money, Works as intended, Easy to install, Required instructions

Working as intended so far, fits quite snug into battery compartment

Was a bit confused on how to install it for the first time but it's pretty straightforward