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GBA Shell - Laminated


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FunnyPlaying "Laminated Screen Ready" Game Boy Advance Shell - including Mirror Clear!

Note: This is for Laminated IPS and Laminated ITA displays only. If you have a none laminated screen kit you need this shell

These high quality Game Boy Advance shells from FunnyPlaying have a modified LCD mounting area direct from the mould. These GBA shells are only suitable for the laminated IPS and laminated ITA screen. 

The new Mirror Clear option is FunnyPlayings name for Crystal Clear.

No shell modifications are required to use the FunnyPlaying Backlit IPS Laminated screen. Simply drop in and play!

Rear Sticker - It is pot luck if you will receive a sticker with your shell, as some stock orders arrive to us with them and some do not.

What is included;

1 x laminated IPS or ITA ready shell 

1 x screw set (Please ensure you use these)

What is not included;

Rubber contact pads - use the ones from the original console or if required purchase new ones using the link.

Buttons - choose your colour combination.

Laminated IPS display


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Item is just as described, I did damage the front a little by using a screw that was too big for the hole, however that was my own fault and I can live with it.

Description: Value for money, Easy to install
Easy Mod, Great Value and High Quality Shell

Great value and it's very easy to put together for a quick and easy mod, the shell is also pretty high quality too, I feel Retro gaming parts needs to take new photos because the purple GBA shell in their picture is doing a disservice to how good it looks in person. I also bought the USB-C battery mod and GBA IPS screen kit, easy installation of all mods and no soldering required (only optional for IPS screen kit but it is not required for screen kit to work). Honestly best purchase I made.

James Bonham
Description: Value for money, Works as intended, Easy to install
Product Ideas: More colours of buttons and faceplate replacements that fit original shells
Improvements: Bigger range
Other: Offer free delivery if you spend over a certain amount. Will make me want to spend more to get free delivery. Also a bigger range of small little parts of buttons, membranes, oem replacement screens, oem replacement battery covers. All the little parts for both modding gameboys and restoring gameboys. I don’t want to have to shop at two places and if there was one place I could make big orders from every now and again and get free shipping I would not shop anywhere else.
Amazing quality

I got the clear shell, looks so good with the transparent green Buttons I bought on eBay. Wish these guys had options for buttons.

Description: Value for money, Works as intended, Required instructions
Awesome shell!

Usually not the biggest fan of clear electronics, but was super impressed with this. Feels nice and solid like an OEM shell & fits the IPS screen perfectly.
My only downside was the lack of decent instructions or references for installation, which is more of a FunnyPlaying problem than anything. I'm no newbie to console modding and had a couple of issues getting it all to fit, but got there in the end.
Patience is key!