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Game Gear Shells


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New shell for SEGA Game Gear

Take your SEGA Game Gear to the next level and be the envy of all your friends with these high quality shells from Retro Six.

These full housing replacement shells have been manufactured using high quality ABS from Japan, and from moulds made by Retro Six.

Never before has anyone produced a full housing replacement Game Gear shell.

Also available are Glass Lenses, Buttons and Rubber Pads to make the perfect Game Gear build.

What is included;

1 x front and back shell

2 x port covers

2 x battery covers

1 x set of screws

1 x set of metal springs

1 x metal cartridge guard


1. Do not use the original Game Gear screws with these shells. The shell comes with a set of screws to use.

2. The shell is designed to be drop in for the OEM screen and the Clean Screen. To fit a McWill screen (available here) a screw post will need removing prior to install.