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Ps4 Steelbook Koffin - UV Resistant Protective Display Case

Rose Colored Gaming

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Put the focus on your collection in a stylish yet subtle way. 

Show off your collection with these high quality UV resistant protective display cases from Rose Colored Gaming. These Köffins are designed for collectors to be able to protect their games while also being highly viewable and freely handled. 

This case is designed to hold 1 original PS4 Steelbook Game Box.  It snaps together easily and tightly with the custom designed tabbed system. 

All the Koffin cases we stock here in Australia are made from UV-Resistant acrylic with OP3/UF-5 Acrylite® UV filtering. This provides one of the highest possible levels of protection from both the harsh natural Australian sun and also artificial light.

The acrylic plastic and Koffins are all manufactured in the USA.

These are a must for the serious collector who is looking to up their display-game and extend the life of their collectibles.

Respect Your Collection.

One of the pictures shows the Köffins and the Rizers together on display. Rizers can be purchased here.

What is included;

2 x pieces - Front and back

4 x pieces for each side


1. The stands are made out of durable high quality 1/4'' thick UV resistant acrylic for added weight and stability through the Köffin.

2. They are professionally designed to fit your game snugly, and guarantee to fit properly. 

3. All parts are made and cut in the USA, ensuring high quality design, material and workmanship.

4. Each piece ships with a protective film applied to protect the acrylic during transit. This film is easily removed by hand before assembling your Köffin

5. For ease of shipping each Köffin is packaged flat. All Köffins snap together with no screws or tools required.