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Neo Geo Pocket Color IPS Screen Kit

Retro Gaming Parts

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Upgrade your Neo Geo Pocket Color with this IPS screen install kit with Retro Pixel effect and built in OSD menu.

No soldering required if you do not hook up the OSD menu. The brightness control, color modes, and retro pixel control are all adjusted via a touchpad which comes pre attached.

Some shell trimming is required as this screen is 5% larger than the original.

The kit comes with all the parts required to do the mod including a new larger glass lens and there is no need to worry about aligning the screen as it can be adjusted in the menu.

What is included;

1. IPS screen

2. Board

3. Glass Lens with wider viewing hole


Three wires are required to be soldered to hook up the OSD menu. The screen will operate without these wires if you do not have access to a soldering iron.

Some shell trimming is required to allow for the larger screen. We offer a send in service for people who would like us to install this screen in your own NGPC.