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Game Boy Micro Real Wood Veneer Faceplate

Rose Colored Gaming

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Put the focus on your collection in a stylish yet subtle way. 

Give your Game Boy Micro a distinguished natural vibe with a real wood veneer faceplate. The faceplate is new and a complete swap for the original. It features a 1mm thick slice of real wood veneer pre-applied. The wood is real it is not a sticker.

For an added layer of finish you can try some wipe-on polyurethane to bring out a shine and richness to the wood.

Display stand sold separately here

Respect Your Collection!

What is included;

1 x Faceplate in Real Wood


1. In total these faceplates are thicker than their OEM counterparts. You may notice a feel in difference during gameplay.

2. They are professionally designed to fit your console snugly, and guarantee to fit properly. 

3. All parts are made in the USA, ensuring high quality design, material and workmanship.

4. Each piece ships with a protective film applied to protect the acrylic during transit. This film is easily removed by hand before assembling your stand. 

5. All wood is unique, your item may vary slightly in terms of wood grain and color.