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Game Boy Pocket CleanPower Regulator


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The CleanPower for the GBP replaces the original power regulator PCB. This means that the GBP becomes ultra efficient to allow the modern modifications (IPS screen and audio mods), to perform as they should.

The original regulator is not able to cope with the power hungry alterations that are used to mod GBP's. Resulting in the GBP intermittently turning on, or having screen issues.

This new board provides a clean 5v line to the system to stabilise power draw and ensure the longevity of the GBP motherboards.

What is included;

1 x CleanPower Regulator


1. To install de-solder the old power regulator board, solder the CleanPower in the same place as the original regulator.

2. The new CleanPower is not compatible with an original screen. To be used with a TFT or IPS screen only.