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GBP CleanJuice Air Wireless Battery


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GBP CleanJuice Air Battery

Drop-in wireless rechargeable battery pack for your Game Boy Pocket.

No soldering required whatsoever!

Upgrade your Game Boy Pocket from low powered AAA batteries to a rechargeable battery.

It charges using any regular wireless charging station (including phone chargers)

Perfect for upgrading your GBP alongside an IPS screen upgrade.

What is included;

  • 1 x CleanJuice wireless board (RetroSix)
  • 1 x Lithium Ion Battery

Whats not included;

  • Rechargeable ABS RetroSix shell. These can be purchased here.


1. The CleanJuice board and battery is designed to fit perfectly into the RetroSix GBP shells. No shell trimming required. If you have a regular shell then some shell trimming will be required in the battery compartment.

2. Note these boards do not fit in a FunnyPlaying shell even with shell trimming. The battery cover will not close.