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Game Boy Color RetroSix Q5 Shell


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A brand new RetroSix Game Boy Color shell for your GBC console. Pre moulded to fit the Q5 screen. *One minor trim is required to fit the FunnyPlaying Q5 screen.

Made from high quality Japanese ABS plastic, these shells feel a cut above the original. 

The shell is also ready to take a GBC CleanJuice. Available here.

What is included;

1 x Game Boy Color shell

1 x screw set

1 x IR port

What is not included;

GBC Q5 V1 Screen. Available here.

Lens - Available here

Rubber contact pads - use the ones from the original console or if required purchase new ones here

Buttons - choose your buttons - FunnyPlaying and RetroSix

Sticker - these shells do not come with stickers. 


1. It is possible to use this shell with the FunnyPlaying RetroPixel Q5 v1 without a trim, we recommend taking 1-2mm off of the top screen support inside the shell with a file. This enables the screen to sit slightly higher.