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GBA USB-C Battery CleanJuice


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GBA USB-C Battery Pack - CleanJuice V1.3

Drop in USB-C rechargeable battery pack. No soldering required!

Adds 6.3 watts of power (AA batteries typically give 2 watt). So over 3 times the game time. Click here for the official stats on AA v Eneloops v CleanJuice.

Low power inticator when there is 15-20 minutes of play time left. Charged with a USB-C cable (Available here). Blue and Green light indicates that it is charging.

Perfect for upgrading your GBA alongside a IPS screen upgrade.

What is included;

  • 1 x CleanJuice board (RetroSix)
  • 1 x Lithium Ion Battery 1700 mAh

Whats not included;

  • USB-C ready shell. These can be purchased here.
  • USB-C charging cable. Available here.


1. The CleanJuice board and battery is designed to fit perfectly into the GBA USB-C shells. If you have a regular shell then some shell trimming will be required. Along with a small hole for the USB-C lead.

2. This is the latest version of the CleanJuice.