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GBA Shell - ITA with USB-C option


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ITA GBA shell.

These high quality shells from FunnyPlaying have a modified LCD mounting area to fit the ITA or IPS GBA screen kit. Simply snip 1 or 2 supports (as displayed in the picture below) depending on what type of screen you are using.

Side cutters can be purchased here.


Do you want to drop in a CleanJuice GBA? (Sold separately here)

Select the CleanJuice ready option from the drop down box and your order will ship with a battery cover that includes a machined precision cut USB-C hole for the USB-C charger.

What is included;

1 x front ITA ready shell along with the modified rear shell

1 x matching battery cover with or without USB-C hole for Li-Po charging

1 x screw set

1 x back sticker

What is not included;

Rubber contact pads - use the ones from the original console or if required purchase new ones here

Glass lens - use the original plastic lens, an ITA glass one from here or an IPS glass one from here.

Buttons - choose your colour combination here.


1. These shells are compatible with both the FunnyPlaying IPS and ITA screens. The inside has been modified slightly from the original IPS shells. See white rectangles on the picture below.

2. To install the ITA screen, the support on the left and bottom of the screen opening need to be snipped.

3. To install the IPS screen, the support on the right of the screen opening needs to be snipped.