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Game Gear LCD Screen - Retro Kai

Retro Kai

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Retro Kai Game Gear Screen

Revitalise your old Game Gear screen with a new LCD screen from Retro Kai.

Quicker to install than the McWill with only 6 wires to solder plus the removal of the original screen and 3 components. Product comes with aligning brackets for the screen.

The screen comes with an Easy Soldering Guide, a printed circuit board that solders directly to the connector on the original Game Gear display. This then connects to the main circuit board via a ribbon cable.

Compatible with Game Gear VA0 and VA1 only.


The power consumption of the Magic screen is 1.6-2W which gives 5-6 hours of battery life. The original screen and the Mc Will screen use 3W and 3.5W respectively.

This install requires high levels of soldering skills and should only be attempted by skilled installers. No returns will be accepted for this product.