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Game Gear CleanScreen board


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The new Game Gear screen and easy install board is here! Easily upgrade your Game Gear with a new screen to be amazed by the difference from the original. This low power, easy install, cheaper option will set your Game Gear apart from others.

TFT screen (Sold here) - more like the original, not glossy and has larger visible pixels

The install time has been reduced compared to others on the market - just remove 3 components, and then solder of a handful of pads to the existing motherboard.

To make this install quicker still, there is the option to purchase a wire free kit. (Available here for VA0 and VA1)

What is included;

1 x CleanScreen PCB

1 x Screen mounting brackets

What is not included;

Screen (TFT - here)

Optional wire free kit (Available here for VA0 and VA1)


1. The install guide is available here.

2. Scaling options are available at full size, original size and stretched.

3. The brightness can be adjusted using the contrast wheel.

4. Scanline emulation is included.