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Game Boy Pocket IPS Ready Case RetroSix


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Mod Your Game Boy Pocket With This Shell

IPS screen ready! No shell modifications required when using the FunnyPlaying IPS screen. Simply snip the retaining tabs designed for the original screen, then drop in your IPS screen! 

This shell has been moulded using high quality ABS plastic and modified to fit the FunnyPlaying Retro Pixel IPS LCD - which is 11% larger than the original.

The battery compartment has more space to use the RetroSix wireless CleanJuice Air rechargeable battery.

What is included;

1. Game Boy Pocket shell with matching battery cover

2. Replacement screws

What is not included;

Retro Pixel (larger size) glass lens.

Game Boy Pocket Buttons - RetroSix and FunnyPlaying

Bracket for original screen placement. (If required)


1. It is possible to use the original size screen in this shell with a bracket.

2. The battery compartment modification does not affect the AAA battery use.

3. To install an IPS screen the 4 thin plastic tabs on the inside of the front shell need to be snapped or snipped off.