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Game Boy DMG Shell - FunnyPlaying


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No shell modifications required. Simply drop and play.

These high quality precision moulded shells from FunnyPlaying require no shell trim to fit the FunnyPlaying Retro Pixel IPS screen or the RIPS screen. They come with perfectly sized screws designed to fit exactly these moulded shells.

Note: There is no logo or branding on these shells. 

What is included;

1 x front IPS ready shell

1 x rear back shell 

1 x battery cover

1 x screw set

What is not included;

  • Retro Pixel IPS Screen - available here.
  • Rubber contact pads - use the ones from the original console or if required purchase new ones here
  • Retro Pixel Glass lens - as the Retro Pixel screens are 11% larger it is recommended to get the larger Retro Pixel glass lens from here
  • Buttons - choose your colour combination here.
  • CleanJuice XL USB-C battery - available here.


1. To use a RIPS screen in these shells you require a bracket that fits the RIPS screen.

2. To use a CleanJuice with this shell, a USB-C hole would need to be cut into the battery compartment. 

3. The original size lens will still work with these screens, a very small percentage of pixels will be lost behind the bezel.

4. There is no logo or branding on any of these shells.