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CleanPower V2 for DMG


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RetroSix CleanPower for Original Game Boy

Take your GameBoy restoration to the next level with a CleanPower regulator. This replaces the original power regulator PCB of the GameBoy, to give a modern, smooth and healthy power supply. In addition, the board provides a clean, stable and efficient 5V and negative LCD voltage supply to your Original Gameboy.

This is a simple solder job and install images are available on the RetroSix website here. 

In other words, these are perfect if your old board is dying or dead.

For instance, common symptoms include;

- lack of contrast,

- failure to load games

- freezing or 

- failure to power on.


1. The input range of the regulator on VIN is 2.5V to 12V.

2. To install, de-solder the old power regulator wire and solder them in the same order to the CleanPower.