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Perth Retro Gaming - Payment Plans

We sell consoles on our Instagram account @Perth_Retro_Gaming.

Our consoles are limited, therefore if you see something that you want to buy but don't have all the cash available right now, we offer a flexible payment plan on all products or send in services.

How does it work?

1. You claim a console either on a post or through a DM

2. You decide how much to send as the first down payment. This secures your console and ensures its not sold to anyone else.

3. Make payments (amount decided by you) until the console is paid off.

4. We will then ship the console.

Example of a typical payment plan

Tim would like to buy a Vita 2000 for $400

He makes an initial down payment of $50. We mark the item as sold.

Tim then makes his next payment of $100.

In week 3 he makes a payment of $175

In week 4 he makes his final payment of $75. This brings his total payments to $400 and we ship his Vita.

Frequently asked questions

Are there any fees associated with this payment plan? No - none at all. We want everyone to be able to expend their retro gaming collection, and this is just one way we can help.

What if I change my mind before I pay my final payment? We understand that some things get in the way and circumstances change. If this happens to you then send us a DM and we will refund all your payments made so far less a $25 restocking / admin fee.

What if I cant make a payment one week? As long as you send us a DM and let us know when your next payment is likely to be; we are flexible. We understand that things happen and are beyond your control.